Sunday, April 21, 2013

What is success?

The difference between insanity and genus is Success.
 What is success? Success is different to everybody. According to...   Success is
  1. The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
  2. The attainment of popularity or profit.
In my opinion that is a great definition. To others success only means one thing, how big is your bank account? How many comas, how many zeros are their? That may make you a success full worker.

To me you can be one of the riches people around but if your not happy with what you doing, not happy with you life. Ok point blank if your not happy you are not successful, you are rich. To me a future millionaire success is working hard enough to make all your dreams, goals, and prays come true. once you have accomplished your goals made your dreams your reality that is success. Some people may never, I may never be "truly successful in my opinion" but I will be happy knowing that every day im working torwards my goals.

Its all in your head if I think about it and tell my self enough times im going to figure it out. Where im at now in life I think I figured it out. Only time will Tell.

Only time will Tell.